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Customize your collection of dress shoes, boots, and even sneakers on our 3D platform. Select from premium European leathers, luxurious patina options, and even add a monogram for a completely unique shoe. With a wide range of sizes and widths, find the perfect fit for ultimate comfort. Unleash your creativity and step into the world of personalized footwear! With a lead time of just 30 days, CustomWelt is one of the quickest made-to-order shoe offerings in the market today.
Our story


I run Wah So Shiok (a local men’s lifestyle platform), and over the years I’ve reviewed over a dozen dress shoes from Singaporean brands. 

I saw a gap in the local market for accessible Goodyear-welted shoes, and thought to myself: why not fill the void myself, and put my spin on things? I’m a big fan of customisation, both in tailoring and in watches. I’m also a fan of European products, specifically European fabrics, leather, and workmanship. CustomWelt reflects my personal preferences by blending these aspects.

I decided to partner with a Spanish shoe manufacturer (who’s been in the industry for decades), and CustomWelt was born. The inspiration behind the name was simple – I wanted people to instantly understand the brand’s unique selling point, which was to offer customisable, Goodyear-Welted shoes, delivered to your doorstep within 30 days. And because I don’t hold inventory or have rental costs to cover, CustomWelt can offer frankly unbeatable prices.

Experience personalised European shoemaking without breaking the bank.